Maxima Coolanol 50 - 1,892 L

Maxima Coolanol 50 - 1,892 L

Shipment of sprays only with PostNord and GLS.

Size: 1,892 L

Part No. 82964

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DKK 172,95


COOLANOL is a premixed ready-to-use 50/50 blend of premium quality ethylene glycol based antifreeze and deionized water to provide optimum cooling, water pump lubrication and rust & corrosion protection for all aluminum and magnesium motorcycle, ATV and side-by-side liquid cooled engines. Coolanol also contains anti-foam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increase cooling capacity. Coolanol 50/50 blend protects from freeze-ups in winter down to -34°F(-37°C). Coolanol also raises your cooling systems boiling point to 265°F(129°C) with a 15 lb. radiator cap.