Maxima Scooter 2 Injector - 1 L

€ 15.00

Size : 1L

Mineral based 2-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection and performance for scooters and

mopeds. Clean burning, low-smoke formulation utilizes high quality base stocks and anti-wear additives to

protect critical engine parts while helping to control engine temperatures. Advanced, low-ash additive system

minimizes carbon build up while preventing rust, corrosion and wear. Exceeds JASO FC / API TC specifications.


▪ Optimum hardware protection for all critical engine parts

▪ High quality base stocks and anti-wear additives combine to protect and cool

▪ Clean burning, low-smoke formulation ensures engine cleanliness

▪ Advanced, low-ash additive system prevents ring stick, corrosion and wear

▪ Exceeds JASO FC / API TC specifications


For all 2-stroke gasoline scooter and moped engines. Can be used as premix or in oil injection system. Safe for

use at any OEM-recommended ratio.

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