Maxima FFT Foam Filter Oil - 0,946 L

€ 18.60

Size : 946ML

Semi-synthetic foam air filter oil designed through a 3-year development program to maximize

collection of particulates and contaminants while ensuring optimal air flow. Unique

formulation utilizes a proprietary blend of synthetic polymers to allow up to 12% more air flow

than competitive formulations while stopping up to 8% more contaminates. Extensively

developed formulation resists water, gasoline “ fogging” and will not dry out. Safe for use on all

foam air filters.


▪ Suitable for use with all foam air filters

▪ Allows up to 12% more air flow than competitors

▪ Catches up to 8% more particulates and contaminates than competitors

▪ Water & gasoline “ fogging” resistant

▪ Will not degrade foam material or dry out


For use on all foam air filters. For best results, use PROFILTER Premium or Ready-to-Use air


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