Gibson MX 3.1 Rear - 100/90-19 TT NHS

Gibson MX 3.1 Rear - 100/90-19 TT NHS

Track: Soft/wet, Intermediate.

Color: Black Size: 100/90-19 TT NHS

Part No. 109.1032285



The Gibson® Tyre Technology MX 3.1 is the ultimate multiple surface terrain tyre.

Designed to offer extreme grip under any terrain, by using market leading technology this enables the tyre to be the ultimate all round motocross tyre and a first choice by many.

It features a larger tread radius, for optimum durability at the base of the tread.

Strategically placing the bow tie outer row of knobs, enabling constant contact with the ground when the bike is faced with adverse camber conditions.

The centre block has been engineered to allow a large contact with the ground, whilst still retaining great clearing properties due to the spacing of the centre block.

Our lightweight flexible carcass design allows the tyre to move under load and react to the changing conditions.